Digital + Dimensional is how we do it.

We live in the space between strategic planning, digital marketing, and dimensional experiences. Unfortunately we sleep in the space between our desks and the PS4… but we do it because this is what we love. And we do it because nobody else can.


We design and deliver brand experiences on levels only dreamt of—and we do it all in-house—from design, to digital development, to fabrication, to install. But it’s only through our team that any of this is possible. So let us set aside the portfolio for now, forget the pretty pictures, and instead look at the nitty-gritty, behind-the-scenes of our pursuits. This is what our innovators, inventors, ballers and shot-callers do:

  • Craftsmen

    This is what happens when our craftsmen build what they love. Beautiful finishes, natural woods, and work worthy of a signature.

  • Creators

    It takes a team of mathematically inclined creators to build a geometrically complex structure and make it look so effortless.

  • Designers

    Our designers delivered an award winning exhibit with their focus on details and their introduction of unique materials and tactile finishes.

  • Engineers

    Our engineers flexed their gray matter on both the mechanical and electrical fronts when they built a system of safety measures for this ambitious project.

  • Innovators

    Our team of innovators put their passions in play when creating this art installation which sits in the heart of our office space.

  • Inventors

    One of the most engaging aspects of what we do is inventing, and we did just that when we faced the challenge of building an immersive and physically controlled video game.

Now that you know what we do, learn about the team bringing it.