The Unrivaled design team held our first Rocketry Challenge. After a quick tutorial on build methods we went home and got our man-craft on for the night. Each of us were tasked with designing and building a paper rocket capable of out performing the others in a conquest for altitude. The next morning was that of eager anticipation, or simply put, a lack of productivity.  Not a whole lot was accomplished, aside from some pre-game smack talking, until Jimmy John’s arrived with our picnic lunch.

We gathered up our gear, jaywalked across 4th west, and arrived at the launching pad known as Pioneer Park—home of many, yet visitors of few.  After eating our lunch and sharing it with the local pigeons we were ready to get the party started.

When holding a competition that is as prestigious and anticipated as this, it is always important to calibrate the equipment.  A quick test shot, propelling Coty’s “practice” rocket nearly 200 ft. in the air, ensured us we were ready to begin.  The format of the competition was a bracketed double elimination, where the winners keep progressing until they meet each other for an epic final battle.


NOTE: It’s important to disclose an understanding of our surroundings at this time.  Pioneer Park is filled with people who are working at owning small plots of land throughout the park under the eminent domain laws. As such we quickly became the focus of attention.  Co2 powered paper rockets with needle point nose-cones barreling down from 200′ in the sky doesn’t really go well with a growing spectator crowd. A few close-calls were had.

As the competition continued a couple of quick exits took place, with Jeff’s being the most shameful of the lot.  Battle after battle we were nervously watching the best designs work toward the final launch.  After multiple paper rocket explosions, Aaron’s clumsy missteps, a near impaling of vagrant youth, being heckled, and several perfectly launched rockets, we were able to determine a winner: Chad Culbertson.  With an unprecedented design and its pure flight, Chad’s rocket rolled over the competition with ease.  Congratulations Chad. The day is yours… until next time.

Competitor Rocket Weight Flight Time Achievement
Chad Apollo Eleventy Threeve 25 grams 9.02 sec. Highest Altitude and Master Champion
Jeremy USS YourMum 18 grams 8.95 sec. Most Injurious Rocket
Dallan Flying Dooché 28 grams 7.77 sec. Most Durable Rocket
Coty SpaceShark5000 36 grams dnf Best Looking
Coty Obeast 55 grams 8.1 sec. Heaviest Rocket
Coty Commie Rocket 42 grams dnf Shortest Life Span
Jeff Gold Digger Shrinkage 27 grams 4.62 sec. Lowest Consistent Altitude
Ellis BB 19 grams dnf Most Explosions
Aaron untitled 25 grams 7.31 sec. Least Dramatic