Klas Research

The Klas exhibit is the result of craftsmen building what they love. Beautiful finishes, natural woods, and work worthy of a signature.

Our design objective for the Klas Research exhibit was to create a unique space that radiated with the same integrity and reputation that comes with the Klas name. We accomplished this not only through a distinctive approach to meeting spaces but through the refined and high-end finishes you see in the final build.


To achieve the vision coming from our design team required nothing less than consummate craftsmen to pull it off. Varying thicknesses of bamboo strips were hand laid to create a dimensional finish to the divider walls. These same strips were offset to provide a way to hide the joints where panels came together providing a seamless appearance that wrapped the entirety of the exhibit. The walls were capped with bamboo plywood which had a beautiful exposed core.

The raised flooring that leads through the exhibit was built using an alluring tiger wood plank which was stained, oiled, and then polished by hand to a pristine finish. This decking led visitors into the space where they would then step back down into semi-private meeting rooms. The craftsmanship and attention to detail carried into the seating with our custom benches, upholstery, and accent pillows.


The final touch of artistry came in the application of the custom metal-work and the raw elegance of the machined door hardware and exposed bearings.