Floral Quarrel Park

  • Design Arts Utah - Featured in the 2014 Design Arts Utah Exhibition

The Floral Quarrel Park was designed and built as part of the Downtown SLC Alliance and Salt Lake City’s Garden Stroll event. When the opportunity presented itself we assembled a small team of artists and designers and began planning our design approach. Our objective was the creation of a mini-park garden that incorporated art, playfulness, and fun.


After we developed the initial sketches we moved into the 3D modeling phase to finalize our design. It was important that we engineered it in a way that we could continue our hands-on approach and execute the project ourselves relying on our team of creators. Through the use of some wicked geometry we took virtual polygons and turned them into plywood triangles that would create the geometric shapes in real-life.


For strength we relied on an internal skeletal structure that consisted of plywood ribs running vertically and horizontally. This structure was CNC cut from maple ply, assembled, and glued. The exterior panels were then glued and nailed to the frame. We then distressed and weathered the plywood elements to capture the aesthetic finish we had envisioned.

Concrete forms were also CNC cut and built from melamine panels. The slabs were then cast and stained for a polished finish. The vertical column was cast as three individual pieces to accommodate the complex angles of the design. These pieces were then epoxied and reinforced with fiberglass and resin, providing the strength needed for any homeless acrobatics that would surely take place in the park after dark.


While our dimensional team was creating the structure our digital team got to work on the interactive components. You can learn more about this side of the project in our blog post announcing the event.