Dolly Varden

  • EXHIBITOR Magazine's 29th Annual Exhibit Design Awards - Silver Award for Best Green Exhibit

Dolly Varden approached us to design their entry into the exhibit world when they first launched their brand. We used inspiration from their brand ethic and their products when designing this project—utilizing reclaimed and sustainable materials and putting great attention into the details and tactile finishes of the materials we used.


Reclaimed lumber was the foundation of the exhibit and integral to the overall design—not only structurally but as design accents for the workstations and counter. We contrasted this natural finish against cold-rolled steel tubing which we used for the retail displays. Overhead we pierce-cut reclaimed lumber with the Dolly Varden logo to reveal the steel plate lying underneath.


Leather elements were introduced to soften up the design and bring in more natural materials. We laser etched logos into the leather of the product displays and used the natural leather to

wrap the counter top. The exhibit looked and smelled like a lumberjack’s sunday’s best. Natural flaws in the leather were embraced to reveal the reclaimed lumber underneath, adding another layer of depth and texture to the work surface.


Duck canvas was stretched over steel frames to create the side-walls and ceiling. This approach provided a natural and tactile finish to the large brand elements. The canvas was tensioned using natural fiber ropes and hand-punched grommets which lent to the hand-crafted with natural materials aesthetic this exhibit is known for.