Unrivaled Wall

To us innovation means that we are constantly working on new applications and new methods for us to meet the needs of our clients – especially our most demanding one whom has completely unrealistic expectations and tends to be a jerk about it but at least they make up for it with flattery – ourselves.


This project was based on need for a new wall to divide our graphics production equipment from our preview bay. You see, we had a really sweet printer on its way to us, an Océ Arizona flatbed, and we needed to protect it from the dust and debris of our shop. Instead of preparing the space beforehand we opted to wait until the printer was up and running and then used its capabilities to help us create a wall, the likes of which had never been seen.

We meticulously planned and created the artwork to span across panels built of plywood and acrylic. We used the flatbed to print direct-to-substrate on luan plywood where we utilized the white ink capability to make key artwork elements contrast against the darker woodgrain. These panels were then assembled to create our wall. We pushed the limits of the printer to cover every inch of the 20’ x 150’ wall with epic battle scenes. Windows were built of acrylic and utilized second-surface prints – allowing visual pass-thru while keeping the art intact. We then devised methods to accurately register CNC cut materials on the printer allowing us to precisely print to stainless steel panels that we utilized to tell the story that unfolds through the artwork.