Chad’s “Big Knife” Project

When I was fifteen years old I bought a bowie knife at the swap meet. Since then it’s been with me every time I go camping.

In case you didn’t know, camping is my favorite, which is why my best memories are associated with this big ol’ knife. I use it to chop kindling, stoke the fire, poke the fire, and throw it into the ground. When I get ready for bed I pee the fire out and grab my knife to keep next to my sleeping bag. I’m afraid of bears and horrified of mooses. Mooses are the hippos of North America, really dumb looking, but super dangerous. If a moose came at me, I’d try to poke it in the neck and send it back to hell.

With my constantly shifting interests and as my design mediums evolve my love for this knife remains unchanged. Using this big cartoon bowie knife as my muse I like to hone my range as a designer, illustrator, and animator. It’s a little something I do for myself after spending the workday in the design sweatshop at Unrivaled.
If you would like to watch this project grow you can follow me on instagram, tumblr, or behance. Or not, what ev.