Who let the ducks out?
Photograph from the Munchkin RFP video shoot.

When Munchkin first approached exhibit houses with an RFP for their Kind + Jugend exhibition we were excited to be invited to participate – but providing spec work and designing in a vacuum is one thing we shy away from. Instead, we responded with a mysterious short film. One shot entirely in the rugged salt flats of Utah’s west desert and featuring 30+ of Munchkin’s White Hot Duck Tubs.

We submitted this unconventional response in order to convey that Unrivaled’s approach is different than others, that we value a creative and collaborative process, and that what we offer is more than just an exhibit. Such a bold and unexpected response was a big gamble on our part, but we feel strongly about working with our clients on the right terms to ensure the success of their projects, and as Henri Matisse said, creativity takes courage!

Ultimately this tactic accomplished what we had set out to do – establish ourselves as an agency that puts the creative process first. This approach led to the client engaging with us for our creative and design services, which then developed into a close working relationship where we were able to create alongside their team, directly collaborate with their stakeholders, and together design and develop an incredible, immersive, and award-winning brand experience. The exhibit went on to be recognized with many accolades, including a Gold Award from EXHIBITOR Magazine’s 32nd Annual Exhibit Design Awards and a Bronze Award from the Experience Design & Technology Awards. The end result is a testament to the importance of the collaborative process that we seek with each of our clients.