The brain of the beast.

Sneezegwar v3.0 is an art installation featured in the front entrance to our office. This beast was designed and built for two reasons: to tell the story of why it is that we do what we do and to build something for ourselves that we would love and take interest in. The result is the behind-the-scenes video found on our homepage which documented the design and build of this project. Through our video we tell the story of why individual employees do what they do as well as Unrivaled as a whole, all the while showingcasing our in-house capabilities used to pull it off.

The installation consists of two parts – a self-built DIY synthesizer and a large dimensional sign that lights up in response to the noises created from the synthesizer. We used our office wall as the canvas and everything from sign foam and custom electronics to lights and sound as the medium; creating an explorative and multi-sensory experience.

The aesthetic we embraced was that of contrasts – stark white structures against a white wall which would then contrast against the bright, saturated colors of the 2,500 synchronized RGB LEDs. We also contrasted the minimalistic and clean forms and typography against the chaos and colors of the tangled wires and electronics. Visitors to our office can’t walk past the installation without exploring every button, switch, and slide and experiencing how each affects the sound and lights. The end result is an art piece that is both mesmerizing and irresistible to the curious.

There’s a lot going on with Sneezegwar and we could go on for days about how it all works and where the name originates… but for now we’ll keep it brief to allow you time to bask in its glory. But if you are as besotted with Sneezegewar as we are then check back over the next few months as we take in-depth looks at all things Sneezegwar. Or, if you need an immediate fix, you can always purchase your own Sneezegwar T-Shirt and never wear anything else again.