Unrivaled is a family of creatives + craftsmen with an insatiable desire to outdo ourselves.

We’re like the Brady Bunch fueled by sibling rivalry and the nootropic powers of blood, sweat, and tears.

For fifteen years we’ve designed and delivered brand experiences like few others could – all under the banner of JDHgroup. It was good. We were good. Heck, a few awards seem to indicate that we were pretty good! But for us, being pretty wasn’t enough…

Our agency was founded on the belief that there is always a better way. As we prepared for our fiesta de quinceañera we began to really question who we were and where we were headed. Some might call this a midlife crisis, but we prefer the term midlife clarity.

Our Jans were content with where we were, but our Marcias grew restless. We knew there was a better way but we weren’t going to get there without a singular vision and a team, whom in their entirety, were wanting and willing to fight for it.


We aren’t out to rebuild our name; we’re out to reinvent it. We want the world to know, in no uncertain terms, where our convictions lie. (protip: it’s our name.) This change is our stake in the ground. The name Unrivaled declares our mission and leaves no room for the weak. Unrivaled is our values. Unrivaled is our measure.

To us this is more than a change of name – it’s the permanence of our aspiration and commitment. It isn’t ego; it’s vision. It’s a state we will continually fight to achieve. We may lose battles, but with you by our sides, we will win wars. Together we are Unrivaled.

Word to your mother.