An extension of the Compax brand that speaks to their roots in fashion and design.


  • Experience Design & Technology Awards - Gold Award for Best Trade Show Exhibit


Creative, Design, Fabrication


Compax challenged us with creating an exhibit that was an extension of their brand, with a high-end, fashion inspired aesthetic that approached intimidating. Their marketing focus was very narrow and targeted a handful of specific companies with the objective being to attract their attention, get them within the exhibit, and walking away with samples in hand.


Our approach was to mimic that of a gallery experience, providing clean architecture and a minimal color palette in order to let the product and graphics become the hero. High-gloss finishes and lighting provided the high-fashion look the client wanted to portray. This was then anchored by more natural finishes such as the dark wood flooring and leather bench seating.

Lighting was then utilized to emphasize the brand logo and messaging. A variety of treatments reinforced the brand through dimensional letters, pierce-cut backlit lettering, and backlit fabric graphics. Multiple levels of flooring created defined spaces where casual meetings, product launches, and more formal discussion could take place.

Because of Compax’s specific goals and target clientele it was determined that the focus of the exhibit would be specific case studies that would show their innovation and capabilities. These case studies were highlighted with large floor-to-ceiling backlit fabric graphics which brought attention to the floating pedestal that featured the physical packaging solutions they were featuring. These displays were where their best work was shown.

The company’s backlog of product fills the floating white cubes on either side of the exhibit, providing opportunity to show a large quantity of product while preserving the lightness of the environment and the visual pass-through of the space.