eServices Experience

Holographic kiosks that deliver customized user experiences

eServices Experience


Creative, Design, Fabrication, Interactive, Video Production, Animation, Mobile App

Dentrix is a provider of top of the line dental practice management software. When they were ready to showcase their new eServices software, they partnered with Unrivaled to develop the ultimate experience for attendees.

The concept was to have an interactive platform where attendees could select a problem area that they might be experiencing in their dental practice. Based on the attendees selection, the kiosk cues an appropriate presentation. In order to provide usable data to Dentrix, all registrations and interactions were logged in a lead retrieval database. Real-time results could be viewed showing what problem areas most attendees have, what products they are most interested in, and what answers they provide during the experience.

Unrivaled worked on the script writing and video directing with actress Shannon Engemann. We executed all of the 3D animation, motion graphics, app development, UI design and programming for this interactive experience in-house.