Marriott Center Annex

A high-end museum experience created to showcase the rich history of the BYU basketball program.

BYU Marriott Center Annex


Creative, Design, Interior Design, Fabrication, Interactive, Mobile App


Brigham Young University partnered with Unrivaled to design and create an experiential environment for the new basketball practice facility they were planning to build for the school’s athletic program. They brought us in early to work alongside their architects in order to create an experience that was deeply rooted within the design of the building itself. Even before the foundation was poured we set out to meet the objective of creating an environment that would not only be utilized as a museum to showcase the school’s rich history in the sport of basketball, but more importantly, serve as a powerful and state-of-the-art recruiting tool for the school’s program.


We created a museum experience with a high-end aesthetic that spoke to BYU’s awards and recognition within the sport of basketball. We used architectural finishes to provide a canvas from which to build, cladding the walls with slate tile and aluminum panels. We relied heavily on 3Form Chroma to build out custom fixtures and display cases, both freestanding and cantilevered from the walls, to showcase awards while retaining sightlines and ambient light levels. Maple wood, a homage to the basketball court, was used in the ceiling treatments, reception desk, and within the Nike Elite displays. Brushed aluminum was used for dimensional typography and logo treatments and stood proud of the elegant, sculptured walls.

We relied on several digital displays throughout the space to help tell the school’s story. A large 16’ x 9’ video wall anchors one end of the museum providing highlights about the program’s history. A 70” touchscreen gives visitors the opportunity to navigate through an interactive timeline showcasing awards, players, and milestones throughout BYU’s history. A pair of 50” touchscreens allows visitors to learn about the current team roster, which is updated in real-time, and pulls player’s photos and stats from the school’s player database. The second floor, home to the media room, features a hallway lined with historical photos, backlit and framed with 3Form Chroma. Mixed within the array of graphics are square monitors which provide additional historical photos which have been modernized with panning camera movements, revealing perspective shifts within the scene and bringing the historical imagery to life.

We developed and built the technology needed to completely adapt the environment from a museum into a high-energy recruiting tool. We developed an iPad app that gives the recruiters the control to adjust the space to their needs. Based on their selection we play specific videos on the large video wall, the sound system then adjusts its volume to fill the space, the EQ changes to increase presence, and subwoofers power on to fill the space, turning it from a quiet museum experience into a thumping, high-energy presentation. All of this works together to provide a responsive and immersive environment for showing off the school’s commitment to the sport and their potential recruits.

As all of the lighting was integrated into our software system we were easily able to extend this to provide the client with complete automation of the museum. The display cases, digital monitors, lightboxes, and backlit logos all power themselves on in the morning and off in the evening. During special events they can use the iPad app to extend the length of time the exhibits stay powered on. This provides for a completely self-sufficient museum which requires no human interaction to operate day-to-day.