Munchkin 2018

An award winning, innovative, and design driven experience enveloped in Munchkin products.

Munchkin 2018

  • EXHIBITOR Magazine's 33rd Annual Exhibit Design Awards - Gold Award for Best International Exhibit
  • Experience Design & Technology Awards - Silver Award for Best Trade Show Exhibit
  • International Design Awards - Bronze Award for Print/Exhibit/Displays


Creative, Design, Animation & Motion Graphics, Engineering, Project Management, Fabrication, along with fabrication from Gielissen


Munchkin pushes the limits of innovation on children’s products, having compiled over 200 patents for their unique designs during the past two decades. They are on a mission to be the most loved baby lifestyle brand in the world. Munchkin knows it’s the little things that often make the biggest difference and live this philosophy through their slogan of “Love is Love.”


Fueled by three years of award-winning designs, Munchkin sought to not just maintain their legacy of innovative and design-driven exhibits but to exceed their previous efforts in every regard. The objective was to engage attendees in an immersive experience which follows their latest campaign video, Miracles, all the while integrating their new product line into a medium that delivers seamless transitions between the exhibit’s evolving story.


We began with inspiration from the new Munchkin product line and designed an exhibit that immerses visitors in a museum like experience adorned with the latest products. The exterior walls protrude in conical fashion with subtle shadows and highlights descending the ten-foot-height. We created this effect by manufacturing a 3D mold of Munchkin’s new cup lid and then vacuum-forming 218 high-impact polystyrene tiles that merge together seamlessly.  The textured walls frame in over 100 linear feet of LED video tiles that wrap around opposing corners of the exhibit. A specially curated version of Munchkin’s marketing video Miracles engages viewers with rotating content on either side. The exterior establishes a precedent of exclusivity for invited guests with only a glimpse inward being accessible to curious onlookers via small slits and reveals we designed into the perimeter.


Nearly 7,000 vibrantly colored die-cut hearts printed to match the gradient of Munchkin’s logo are suspended 13 feet above the entrance. The carpet is cut back from the edge of the product clad walls exaggerating the length of the exhibit and is printed with child-like sketches to maintain elements found in the Miracles video. We added powder coated floating steel shelves to mirror the stretching lines of the carpet design. Crisp white walls, cleverly complete the backdrop to the free-floating landscape of linear shelving and products. We accented the shelves with LED halo lighting to create the perfect blank canvas for the vibrant Munchkin products.

To boost the museum-like feel we integrated backdrops of varying textures; each carefully curated for specific product categories, and then alternating between colorful lifestyle imagery and dense collections of white-washed product. Each arrangement consists entirely of Munchkin product from within the same category that is featured on the shelves.

The exhibit experience culminates in the cafe, which is used to meet and mingle with clients in a branded environment. We designed the bar with multi-faceted surfaces resembling that of an iceberg and matching the theme found in the cafe. The bar is equipped with running water and even a dishwasher. We defied the static boundaries of the product’s artwork by using life-sized cups cast with projection mapped animations that tell the story of each endangered animal, their habitat, and to speak to Munchkin’s conservancy efforts. Behind each cup is a large-scale diorama which shows the animal’s native habitats. We backlit these scenes to reveal the depth and multiple layers of artwork used to create them-built from the dielines used in the product’s packaging, introducing not only larger-than-life products into the space but larger-than-life interpretations of their retail packaging. The backlighting is then animated and synchronized, shifting from dawn-to-dusk and back again, creating colorful and vibrant transitions that bring dynamic lighting to the entire space. The small slits in the exterior glow outwardly as the illumination shifts, leaving all who behold it a sense of wonder and curiosity.