Munchkin 2019

An exhibit experience that engulfs you in the history of Munchkin, colorful installation art, and above all else, love.

Munchkin 2019

  • Experience Design & Technology Awards - Silver Award for Best Trade Show Exhibit


Creative, Design, Fabrication, Engineering, Video Production, Electronics, Programming


Munchkin pushes the limits of innovation on children’s products, having compiled over 200 patents for their unique designs during the past two decades. They are on a mission to be the most loved baby lifestyle brand in the world. Munchkin knows it’s the little things that often make the biggest difference and live this philosophy through their slogan of “Love is Love.”


Following four years of award recognition, Munchkin challenged us to design an exhibit storyline that encompasses the history of their brand and the pursuit of greater things through the power of love. At the time, Munchkin was working on an updated logo treatment and this exhibit was to be its official debut. The new logotype was refined with rounded edges and modernized with a softer color palette and an objective we had was to implement design cues from this new logotype. In addition to this, Munchkin wanted to tone down the complexity of the exterior while ramping up the experience of love found within.


With the intent to embrace the playful side of Munchkin, the exterior of the exhibit features large graffiti illustrations, courtesy of Chairman Ting Industries, that bring vibrant color to the space in an explosive manner. The drawings are crafted to reveal the story and rich history of Munchkin, their beginning, their products, and their clients. The lines of the exterior walls share the same curves of their updated logotype and emphasize the softer look of their brand. A glowing backlit Munchkin logo meets you at the entrance introducing the new color palette. 

The long hallways showcase the star of the show, the rainbow of colors that is Munchkin’s product line. Each one carefully placed into position on floating steel shelves that create the blank canvas from which the products stand proud. LED halo lighting casts dramatic shadows across 1600 square feet of CNC machined typography panels, all of which feature Munchkin’s message of love across a variety of international languages.

At the end of each hallway, visitors are presented with bold and colorful installation art, built entirely of Munchkin products, and doubling as Instagram photo-ops. Nearly 7,000 of Munchkin’s Miracle 360 cups create the scene of a gigantic wave that curls around a surfboard and hints to Munchkin’s founding in ocean-side California. The backdrop glows in vibrant hues of orange and pink, leaving the blue and green cups to stand out like the ocean’s rolling tide against the backdrop of an evening sunset. In the opposite corner, over 4,000 of Munchkin’s White Hot Ducks extend outward across the walls. A chandelier hangs just above a claw foot tub, adding just a touch of elegance to an otherwise playful scene. Custom printed carpet ties into the theme of each corner and includes prompts for attendees to jump in, take photos, and share on social media.

The internal space of the exhibit features a cafe environment themed around the story of Love and is delivered in a multitude of languages. Alongside the bar is a chalkboard where attendees are invited to add their own graffiti to communicate what brings love to their lives. The bar itself features custom pendant lamps built from Munchkin’s Toss Pail product and artwork revealing that Munchkin now has 30 years of little miracles behind them. The playful graffiti writing found in the cafe was created by Chairman Ting Industries. 

Cafe seating is positioned for optimal viewing of the twelve-foot tall video wall, which was custom built to create the iconic heart from Munchkin’s logo. This array of monitors features Munchkin’s latest DNA video — a promotional marketing piece that weaves a story of Munchkin’s journey through love. The steel structure was fabricated in-house to accommodate a 1/2 mile of cabling for the 80 monitors in use. We then paired 80 Raspberry PI’s and developed software to run the video array, which allows independent control over each monitor. The final effect is the appearance of 80 different videos that can play in unison or split apart into varying groups. The use of this configuration allows Munchkin to not only show their story but to create intensity and emphasis through carefully curated videos that demonstrate their mission to be the most loved baby brand in the world.  

The presentation of products, the rich textures and patterns, and the juxtaposition of stark elegance and graffiti art, make for a space that is truly and uniquely Munchkin. The splashes of fun, the carried themes, and the way this exhibit makes you feel, is all a welcomed escape for many visitors on the trade show floor. And, above all else, all about love.