Munchkin 2017

A colorful, fun, and immersive brand experience that is just as much art installation as it is tradeshow exhibit.

Munchkin 2017

  • EXHIBITOR Magazine's 32nd Annual Exhibit Design Awards - Gold Award for Best International Exhibit
  • Experience Design & Technology Awards - Bronze Award for Best Trade Show Exhibit


Creative, Design, Project Management, Fabrication, along with fabrication from Gielissen


Munchkin was looking to create an all-encompassing brand experience within their exhibit. The key objective they approached us with was to show off new product while giving their buyers an understanding and feeling of their brand. For Munchkin, this meant emphasizing their love of design, art, and philanthropic pursuits.


Our approach was to use the entire structure as a blank canvas and then to fill that canvas with bold and colorful compositions using the Munchkin product as our medium. Exterior walls were filled with newly announced products exploding in an array of color.

The raised floor at the exhibit’s entrance was built with a glass top and featured more of Munchkin’s upcoming products arranged in alternating patterns to create a unique and one-of-a-kind floor. Rather than carpeting the exhibit space we once again relied on Munchkin’s colorful and fun product and finished the interior of the exhibit with their children’s playmat product. These foam tiles were intermixed with their Galaxy Light Up tiles which feature LEDs embedded within a mirror surface. These interactive squares responded with lights and animations when stepped on, creating not only a talking point about their product, but giving attendees a first-hand experience of how their product behaved, how it feels, and how kids interact with it.

Once inside the exhibit you are presented with a sculpture built from a whirlwind of colorful Munchkin product that appeared to be randomly placed – but when viewed from just the right perspective the sculpture revealed the iconic shape of the Munchkin heart. A spot light was positioned just right to create a large shadow of the heart icon on the wall behind the sculpture. This became a playful installation as attendees interacted with the light and shadow to see how the effect was accomplished.

From here large aisles provided views of the product displays. Each product category followed a linear story their sales associates would share with buyers and each display led into the next. Hierarchy was created by treating the product groups with different lighting applications, from backlit, to top lit, to front lit. These product displays were then broken up with additional art pieces created from hundreds of Munchkin product. Art pieces ranged from large pixel art arrangements, to flying rocket diaper pails, to 10’ diameter chandeliers. In total, this exhibit featured over 10,000 individual items directly from the Munchkin product line.

A major component of this exhibit was the Orca Lounge – a special meeting space where visitors were treated to snacks and drinks while meeting with Munchkin representatives. Munchkin wanted to share their philanthropic pursuits, specifically their Orca Project initiative, and the lounge was pivotal in sharing this message. To reinforce their Orcas Live In Oceans campaign we built the entire lounge to feel like it was under the ocean. We used thousands of Munchkin’s blue plates to create a ceiling structure that rippled and waved over the lounge. Projected lighting through these plates created the feeling of being under rippling water. Large printed fabric graphics featured orca whales in their natural habitat under the waves above. A water feature straddled by large video walls reinforced both corporate and Project Orca messaging.