Ski Experience

A fully immersive, high-tech ski museum experience.

Ski Experience

  • Event Design Awards - Silver Award for Best Museum Environment


Creative, Design, Fabrication, Engineering, Interactive, Programming, Electronics


Alf Engen Ski Museum came to Unrivaled seeking a new interactive exhibit. They wanted their patrons to get a sense of what it feels like to ski the world-class powder in Utah’s backyard. From conceptualization to fabrication we delivered an exhibit that is the next-best-thing to actually strapping on a pair of skis and taking a run down a steep, snow-covered mountain face.


We designed the Ski Experience exhibit to use an actual 4-person chair lift that sits atop a custom-programmed 2-axis motion base platform. Every movement of the motion base mimics what riders are seeing projected on the large screen in front of them. Snow and wind machines along with sound effects make for a fully orchestrated experience as snow sprays in riders faces as the skis catch an edge on a tight turn and stomachs drop as they are jostled around in sync with the rocky, icy terrain of the run.

With the interactive portion taken care of, the design team created an environment around the large projection screen, the chairlift, and its motion base. The contoured raised floor built around the chairlift was designed to look like a snow covered hill. This floor finished off with batting and sprinkled snow to make it look as realistic as possible. Two large wall murals of mountainous landscapes and artificial evergreen trees in varying heights add to the ambiance.

To drive the experience we developed a custom touchscreen interface in order to provide a simple and streamlined control panel for the ride operator. To ensure the safety of museum guests we also developed and integrated a range of safety sensors which ensures everything goes to plan, and if a problem were to arise, the motion base immediately shuts itself down and reports the error.