True Fit

True Fit’s exhibit boasts a minimalistic design packed with sophistication and raucous good times.

True Fit – Rock the Runway

  • Experience Design & Technology Awards - Silver Award for Best High-Tech Audience Interaction


Creative, Design, Fabrication, Engineering, Interactive, Motion Graphics, Software Development, Social Media Integration


True Fit has established themselves as the leader in designer fashion “fit” technology data. Their data mines are tailored towards large volume fashion and footwear retailers. The company allows end users to match various retailers to the user’s specific style and size needs. Though the foundation of True Fit is based on data and technology applications, the forward face is one of elegance and fashion.


True Fit tasked us with the challenge of designing and producing a visually compelling exhibit that produced a sense of allure and sophistication, while also remaining fun and approachable. An exciting twist was found in the need to create a space for True Fit’s philanthropic endeavors—an hourly fashion show—where they contribute to The International Rescue Committee on behalf of executives who #RockTheRunway. True Fit sought a strong emphasis on client engagement while integrating the company culture within the exhibit.


True Fit’s exhibit boasts a minimalistic design packed with maximal functionality. We enhance visibility through vibrant lighting and video. Soft white lines engulf the exhibit casting reflections of the vibrant colors outward. We then engineered a 15’ tower capable of supporting the 1,500 lbs. of LED tiles that wrap both its interior and exterior surfaces. The 126 LED tiles feature seamless animations that flow around the tower’s surfaces and sync to the music featured within the space.

To accommodate the fashion show, we built a floating glass runway sitting atop a carefully sculpted ribbon, flocked in red, whose billowing shapes hide the steel support frame within it. The end result is the appearance of flowing red fabric as found in True Fit’s branding. At the end of the runway, a spritz of fog shoots upward from the glass floor, as the 12 camera array snaps photos of participants. This custom built camera array and enclosure creates a 3D animated GIF of the participant’s striking pose. The integrated video camera on top of the camera array, paired with live broadcasting software, allows us to switch to a real-time feed of the participant’s experience on the exterior walls of the LED tower.

Hidden within the artistic beauty is a world of technological innovations. Exhibit staff and partners greet guests at one of the four workstations equipped with monitors and storage for event materials, providing a space to demonstrate company data and software capabilities. The integration of two meeting rooms within the design, topped with stretched fabric ceilings, allows them to hold meetings in a soft, illuminated environment. Maintaining with the simplistic theme, we relied on clear acrylic panels with gradient bands of white for privacy to create the exterior walls. One of the rooms also doubles as a changing station for the runway show, featuring a fold-away table and additional storage space.

An interactive kiosk, incorporated just off stage, allows visitors to view their photos as well as share them on social media. The custom built software overlays the show-specific watermark, posts the videos to True Fit’s Rock the Runway Facebook page, and even incorporates hashtags and messaging of True Fit’s choosing.

In order to tame the technological complexity of the project, and bring it more in-line with the simplistic elegance of the design, we created a custom automation system controlled with a simple key-fob. With a press of any of the four buttons, you can completely change the experience and mood of the space, from anywhere within the exhibit. Pumping up the music, switching to the live video feed, transitioning into the eye-dazzling graphics, and triggering the camera array is done with ease.

In addition to creating excitement within the exhibit, the runway show also serves as foreshadowing for an exclusive off-site party held for invited guests. Overall, the exhibit exudes an image of high-end fashion met with functionality that both entertains and engages visitors. This exhibit debuted at the 2019 National Retailer Federation in New York with its second showing at Shoptalk in Las Vegas.