Integration. Our high tech lifestyle demands it of us, but how do we execute on our multitude of agendas and multifaceted projects without losing that personal touch? We laid this burden upon our designers as they crafted the True Fit “Rock the Runway” experience. An exhibit that boasts a full-blown fashion show, equipped with thumping tunes, a floating glass runway, automated fog machine, 15-foot tall video tower, custom camera array-that creates GIFs, social media engagement and management center, and a philanthropic tie-in… not to mention the most important aspect a relationship building space with both private and casual settings to share data and build trust. All in a 20’ x 30’ footprint that, in the end, feels quite spacious.  

That’s a lot to pack in and the key to accomplishing this feat lies in the combined effort of several teams, from concept to design to software development and into production. We’ve found our success in owning our given roles and by playing nicely with each other until the pieces fit perfectly. Of course, housing these departments all under one roof helps the cohesion, but the fact remains that we as a team must integrate in order to deliver on our brand promise. It all boils down to our carefully crafted process workflow. We are able to deliver such amazing feats by integrating our teams into one cohesive unit.

A machine whose parts are finely tuned and the difference is in the details details that we obsess over. Integration only works when each piece of the machine is operating at its maximum capacity, right? Our team integrates seamlessly because in every step of the workflow expectations are clearly established and project management is passed with mindful fastidiousness. In the case of the Rock the Runway exhibit, our team integrated digital altruism into an artistic motif that begat a masterpiece of art and function.      

Maybe it’s because we see the glass half full, but when we create we take on the philosophy of ‘imagine what we could do if’? We firmly believe that anything is possible and our team’s ability to integrate allows it to become a reality. So why do we do this to ourselves? Because mediocrity is a crime.

Check out the video of the True Fit Rock the Runway Exhibit in our portfolio!

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